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cf_neopians's Journal

Childfree Neopets Players
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This is for members of Neopets who happen to be childfree. Yes, I know there is already neopian_adults, but some members of that comm have kids. This is a comm for members of nepeopts who don't have kid BY CHOICE, to talk about neopets freely.

Rule One:
You MUST be childfree to be in this comm. Unlike another so called childfree comm, we do NOT allow parents in here, whatsoever. Breeders will be removed and banned from the comm. This is for the childfree ONLY. If you want to talk neopets with other adults and have your icons of your spogs with blinking text no less, take it to neopian_adults, not here.

Rule Two:
If you feel the need for any reason to edit your posts, feel free to do so. We are not like that other neopets comm and we won't be like "YOU CAN'T EDIT YOUR POSTS FOR ANY REASON EVER!!!!111". We are not 'god mods' here :)

Other great comms: